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How To Get Pregnant With a Boy

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy (Or A Girl)

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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy (Or A Girl)

It can then be used in a variety of different techniques for conception, ranging from the least invasive, which is intrauterine fertilization, to In Vitro Fertilization, which involves fertilizing the egg with the separated sperm outside of the womb and then implanting it after fertilization has occurred. Microsort also has an option for pre genetic testing of the fertilized egg to make sure that the proper gender has been selected, as well as to test for other genetic defects.

Can Everybody use the Microsort Service?

In order to use the Microsort technology, there are a couple of requirements. For those couples who have a genetic issue in their family, they must be able to prove the genetic history, and they must be married. They also have to provide proof that they are free of certain diseases, including HIV and Hepatitis B and C antibodies.

If you are interested in using Microsort because you want to achieve a certain gender balance in your family, there are also strict requirements. Again, you must be married and must be able to prove that you don't have HIV or carry Hepatitis B or C antibodies, and you must also have at least one child already. It is also required that if you are in the latter category, the sorting that you are doing has to be for the gender that you don't already have - you can't be working with the goal of having all boys, or all girls.


When considering Microsort, cost is always a question. The procedure itself costs approximately $3,100 for the regular Microsort procedure, and costs more if you choose to utilize the pregenetic diagnosis, or PGD, process. But when calculating the cost of using microsort you also need to keep in mind that there are tests that are required in order to be able to use the service, as well as travel expenses in order to get to their laboratory. You also need to remember that once you have collected the sorted sperm, you still need to pay for whatever procedure you are using to get pregnant.

Success Rate

Microsort has proven to be a very successful treatment for those who have chosen to use it. Although there are no guarantees that you will have a baby of the gender you prefer, their tests have shown that the sperm separation for female sperm yields about 91% percent success rate for girls, and about 74% percent when separating for boys.

Once implanted, the numbers actually go higher in terms of the babies that are actually born. If you choose to use the pregenetic diagnosis service the success rate climbs to ninety nine percent. Of course, once you have undergone the process of sorting your sperm for gender selection, you stil need to be able to get pregnant, and the success rate on that is a question of your fertility situation and what procedure you use to get pregnant.

For every couple who is considering having a baby, there are a great many important considerations to keep in mind. These include will we be able to get pregnant? Will we be able to afford all of the expenses involved in having and raising a child? Will our child be healthy? For some couples there are additional concerns about what gender their child will be. Although most couples are just focused on having healthy baby, there are some who need to worry about gender related illnesses that run in families, and others that have strong preferences about balancing the gender ratio in their families because they already have one or more children of a certain gender. For those couples there have not been very good options available, but a recent development in gender selection technology has dramatically improved their chances of conceiving and carrying a child of the gender they prefer. The technology is called Microsort.

What is Microsort?

Microsort is a remarkable new technology that allows you to select the gender of your child. The procedure is relatively simple. A sperm sample is provided to the Microsort laboratory. The professionals in the laboratory take the sperm sample and wash it, removing all of the seminal fluid and any individual sperm that are not moving. Then the remaining sperm, which is made up of both male and female (or Y and X-chromosome) sperm are treated with a special, temporary dye that makes it glow in the dark. This fluorescent dye enables a special piece of equipment called a flow cytometer to analyze each individual sperm cell one at a time and examine them for relative size.

Female sperm contain almost three times more DNA then male sperm, which means that they appear larger to the flow cytometer. The equipment removes and separates out the male sperm from the female, and whichever one you prefer will be collected and returned to you.

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