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How To Get Pregnant With a Boy

How To Get Pregnant With A Boy (Or A Girl)

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How To Get Pregnant With A Boy (Or A Girl)

Coral Majoor Gender Selection

Coral Majoor tells the story on her website about how twenty nine years ago, she traveled into a small village and encountered a physician who taught her the secrets of how to get pregnant and choose the sex of your baby.

After confirming the medical information with another physician, she tried the method and found that she was successful - she conceived the boy that she and her husband wanted to badly. Years later they used the same method again but engineered having a girl, and once again their efforts were rewarded.

The secrets to Coral's technique involve using proper timing, and have been enhanced with the use of a saliva test that is now available to predict your ovulation schedule so that you can be even more certain that you have the timing right.

According to Coral's method, if you want to get pregnant with a girl you must have sex three days before you ovulate, and the saliva strips (which are sold by another company) are the best way to be certain about your ovulation.


Perhaps the most remarkable thing of all about Coral's website and method is how dedicated she is to making people happy and helping them with how to conceive a boy or a girl.

The e-book is written in a straight-forward, no nonsense way so that you don't have to waste your time reading through hundreds of pages to get to the information you want. It is just nineteen pages long, easy to understand, easy to follow, and Coral says that you can read the entire thing in just ten minutes.

In addition to the information on gender selection, she also provides additional educational materials on foods and therapeutic techniques that can assist women who are having menstrual problems and who are facing issues related to infertility. She has priced the E-book so that it is available to everybody, as it only costs $8.99.

This small amount of money not only gets you the book itself, but the download is available as both an e-book and an audio book, so you can learn everything that you need to know to get started on your quest for the baby you want almost immediately.

Coral Majoor Review

Coral Majoor is a health and healing practitioner located in the Gold Coast area of Australia. She has been practice for over thirty years, helping families and individuals in health-related areas ranging from weight loss, to infertility, to back and digestive problems.

Among her many accomplishments, she has developed a unique method of gender selection that she has made available to her local clients and to a wider audience via her website, CoralMajoor.com.au. She reports having helped many people who have successfully chosen the gender of their baby.

Coral Majoor Website

A quick review of Coral Majoor's website shows you exactly how diverse her practice is. She participated in an inspirational book on transformation, and maintains a line of skin, hair and body care treatments as well. But one of the most popular areas of her practice involves helping couples who are trying to get pregnant to select the gender of their child.


This program is captured in her E-Book, "Choose the Sex of your Baby Easily", which was published after her own successful use of her technique.

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Pick The Gender Of Your Baby Review